High performance floors

Elite Crete Systems is an American company that has been engaged in the production, distribution and installation of materials for floor systems for over 30 years. We have many certified distributors and certified installers professionally trained to work with our materials. We provide a variety of solutions for commercial , residential and industrial floors. With them you can arrange your houses, apartments, gardens, garages, business or production facilities... ECS floor solutions are resistant to all weather conditions, temperatures, chemicals, scratches, oils... Elite Crete Systems is motivated to provide solutions, with epoxy and micro cement materials. It sparks the imagination of architects and gives ideas to property owners. We have a solution for all challenges in the world of flooring. The solutions for epoxy and micro cement floors are endless. Choose from different patterns, textures, colors, designs, imitation wood, imitation stone, imitation old brick. We are represented in all countries in the region.


Why install ECS epoxy floors?

ECS-epoxy floors are antibacterial, waterproof, easy to maintain, up to 50% warmer than ordinary tiles and laminates. There are unlimited possibilities for designs and color combinations, they are long-lasting and have a high gloss. They are characterized by incredible characteristics: "resistance to all weather conditions, temperatures, chemicals, scratches, oils...", and you can use them for: "approaches and paths, parking lots, garages, kitchens, rooms, bathrooms, corridors, terraces, cafes, restaurants , salons, clinics, kindergartens, swimming pools, saunas...".