As part of Elite Crete Systems Adriatic (we specialize in installation, sale of materials, and tools for working with epoxy resins and micro cement), we have developed the Academy.

Listening to the needs of the market i.e. Contractors (masters) who would develop and improve their skills in decorative solutions, we decided to pass on our knowledge and experience to others.

After completing the training program, we are still at your disposal for any kind of assistance, i.e. Assistance.


All those who want to deal with the installation of epoxy and Micro cement in a "different" or original way, are in the right place. There is an increasing trend of fugue-free floors, which is why we are recognizable.  #nemafuge

The market is looking for speed, quality, as well as uniqueness. In this case, the price is not a factor. We resist all these challenges.


Educators who guide you through the training are, Spomenko Penava (Instagram and tik tok @masterepoxy) and Kristijan Penava (instagram and tik tok @krisepoxy). Our experience in performing decorative floors has passed the age of majority.
The very beginnings of our work took place in the United States, from where everything started.


There are several types of training.


In the trainings, you will be intensively theoretically and practically familiar with the materials of Elite Crete Systems.
We have optimized the number of participants, where our goal is to give knowledge, information (what the participants came for) and exchange experiences. Introduce all new students to the world of epoxy resins and micro cement.

Each training teaches the basics of using materials as well as using tools.
Without it, you are not even able to buy our material, whether it is epoxy resin or Micro cement.

Upon completion of the training, you will receive a certificate. You're entering our business system.