Basic Class

Duration of training: 2 days, working time (9:00 – 17:00) or by appointment. Organized lunch.


- in this training we take the assumption that you know how to perform the proper preparation, we put the focus on demonstrating our floor systems.


When working with epoxy , we present you from coatings (protection of concrete surfaces) to industrial systems (example, smoothing, foundation layer, in which the aggregate application of the same is needed, and finally varnish). In industrial systems you will also see the application ONE DAY FLOOR – garage system.


And the focus is on the premium decorative system REFLECTOR ENHANCERTM.

Each participant performs his own design, with the assistance of a demonstrator-educator.


Micro Cement: requires similar substrate preparation as epoxy.

When applying Micro cement, you learn to apply the material to floors and walls.

Drying time depends on weather conditions, it lasts from about 3-5 hours.

Techniques: - tile, -wood, -splatter textures, - micro finish (wall and floor) , - textures pave


The final day is reserved for painting and painting Micro cement, and varnishing epoxy.