Master Class

Duration of training: 6 days (8:00 – 16:00)

The training is carried out in a real space of 30 m2 (simulated prefabricated apartment). Simulation of the project.

Everything is taught from the very beginning.

-       Grinding of the substrate (working with machines from 40 to 150 kg)

-       Crack repair (cuts and fillings – errors occur when filling cracks)

-       Remediation of the substrate (epoxy and full spreading with quartz)

-       Applying an example

-       Smoothing the substrate (when it is smoothed and how to smooth the substrate)

-       Foundation layer (base layer for decorative or industrial system)

-       Decorative layer (in epoxy)

-       Varnishing ( half gloss, matte )

-       Application of Micro cement layered (wall and floor)

-       Micro cement varnishing (multiple types of varnish)




This education is intended for all those who want to perfect a certain design.

Micro cement or epoxy


If you need to improve your knowledge in decorative designs, and learn new techniques of decorative designs, we offer this type of education, for one or two days, and with you we realize a certain design.









An integral part of any business is marketing and sales.

Our experience and research has shown that a good master does not mean that he is a good trader, or presenter.


Are you selling yourself, a service, or a floor? Possibly none of the above!

We are here to further train you in that direction.


TRAINING DURATION : 1 day (8:00 – 16:00) lunch break


What does this education include:


-       How to make a presentation of materials

-       Sales skills

-       Social media marketing (FB, IG, Tik Tok, LINKED IN)

-       Direct way of communicating with the client

-       Gerila Marketing


·      Add the experiences of the participants and publish them at the very bottom with their consent (comment ary of individual participants to write their review in a few sentences, which we will publish)


Pictures of the training : it would certainly be good if you put pictures from Bratislava with that we agree, while together we will add pictures and videos from Makarska from ECS ACADEMY




Responses from wa group:


It is necessary as soon as possible to review the site and make the necessary changes.


Let's continue with the requested questions from the wa group:


The basic thing that is needed is that we can do an update to the page how we finish which project we finish that has not been realized so far in the range of projects.


So we will definitely put the floors with : - Ships (micro cement, reflector enhancer, flake)

-       Garage ( neat pod)

-       Sports equipment stores ( micro finish)

-       Dental practice (reflector enhancer)

-       Hallways in the business center (reflector enhancer)

-       Swimming pools ( thin finish)

-       Okućnica Slovenia (thin finish)

-       Decorating the apartment (micro finish, thin fisnish)



The images requested for the website have already been sent earlier, they need to be uploaded. Even certain photos can be downloaded from the ecs site. The resolution is acceptable.


The companies with whom we cooperate will not necessarily advertise except DF because other craftsmen use other materials. Let customers focus on us (DF, DD and Adriatic). Over time, we will also insert companies that will buy larger quantities of materials, for example, from Slovakia we can add any company to your proposal, while from HR and Serbia we will agree on who we will put into focus.


References : we will add them gradually, we can do an update once every 3 months.